RF Laundry – Ultimate solution for RFID tracking and flow management

RF Laundry is a solution designed for the identification and control of garments based on RFID technology or bar code.

It is an intuitive and easy to use tool for registering and controlling the flow of clothing, and all tasks related to traceability in any branch of the textile sector. With RF Laundry you will be able to answer the clients about the location or history of each trusting garment, since the reading of each garment in the different points will be registered in the database for future reference.

  • The computer system allows the printing of labels and marking of customized garments without using additional software.
  • Uniformity management software allows you to visualize the situation and activity in real time of movements of garments, consult histories, lists, incidents and all the information related to the garments traceability.
  • Identification by bar code and RFID tags.
  • Custom reports.