Textiles dispensing machines – Software for industrial laundries

Automated dispensation systems

Uniform dispensing – System advantages

24/7 Availability

Operation Time Reduction

Cost Savings

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Machines & solutions for Healthcare and Industry

Uniform dispensing units – Personal Protective Equipment dispensers (PPE) – Intelligent lockers, wardrobes & cupboards – Used textiles collecting units – Automated warehousing – Flatwork management software – Industrial laundry management software

Uniform & Scrub dispensers

Our full range of uniform dispensers brings effective solution to the workwear delivery issue.

24/7 uniform dispensation.

Stock and labour cost reduction.

Automated collecting units – Uniform & Other textiles

Automated machines for efficient used unifom collection using standar laundry troleys.

The excellent complementary solution to our uniform dispensing units.

24/7 collection availability.

Industrial laundry management – Software solutions

Textile articles flow control – RFID tracking – Online Productivity measurement – In & Out weighging control –  Clothes marking – Labelling printers – UHF tags reading tunnels – Textile articles sorting & classification systems

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