La Fábrica del Software is a technological company specialized in the development of highly integrated IT and hardware solutions for the automated management and control of ITINERANT yet VALUABLE articles like hospital textiles, surgical instruments,  prostheses, medicines, PPE, workwear, worktools, shoes, etc.

We rely on qualified personnel dedicated to the research and development of innovative solutions used in a variety of sectors such as healthcare, industry, laundry, hospitality, hotels, wellness, dry cleanning and other collectivities.

Software Business Unit:

We are creators of the LAVANDER software platform, being specially designed for the management and administration of industrial laundry plants: delivery notes, invoices, stocks, realtime control of production and profitability, among many other functionalities.

RFID Business Unit:

Our offer involves a variety of RFID tracking applications: automated dispensation systems, Itinerant articles management, Asset management & Other.