Collecting units – clothing and other articles

Collecting units – Clothes and other articles

The LFS-R150 collecting unit is the most economical and has a large collection capacity as the clothing falls directly into the lower passenger compartment, adapting to the needs of the center. The machine can be embedded in plasterboard walls offering a more aesthetic appearance in hospital centers.

Collecting units – Pneumatic

The LFH-S150 collecting unit incorporates a transport system for garments that allows a more ergonomic design for the user.

It incorporates a pneumatic mechanism that elevates the garment and makes it fall in the car or cars that are in the lateral warehouse of the machine.


 Able to collect clothes with or without RFID tag.

 Collecting time less than 5 seconds .

  Fully customizable in size, capacity, color, logos. 

  Reduced maintenance

  Automatically rejects unregistered uniformity (optional RFID)


 Automated database with real-time access via a user and password from any device with internet connection.