Folded uniform dispensing units

We offer state-of-the-art systems for the workwear control, among which we hihglight our uniform dispensing and collecting units.

We keep focus on obtaining greater advantage of all the benefits offered by RFID technologies for identification and management of garments in high volumes, providing greater efficiency and efficiency in the automated management of uniformity. The automatic uniform dispenser is specially designed for uniformity delivery needs in laundries, hospitals and industries.

Automated dispenser of folded uniforms, scrubs and workwear

Characteristics of the clothing dispensing unit

 Customized stock capacity up to 1300 articles.

 RFID reading functional (as an option).

Dispensing time less than 8-10 seconds.

 User ID system by barcode, RFID or biometrics.

 Fully customizable: capacity, articles, color, logotipes.

 Interchangeable internal head makes able to dispense a wide variety of articles.

 Multi-language software platform.

 Automated Database, real-time web access.

 Fully configurable alerts and queries.

Recommended garment thickness 1cm.